March 2018

Patient satisfaction has become more important than ever before as insurance premiums and medical costs rise, and people are finding a more serious financial risk as far as their personal care is concerned. As a result, patients need to be more personally involved in their decisions on healthcare, making sure that they will be receiving the best value out of their money. Patient experience on healthcare represents a crucial component of a hospital’s ability to retain and attract patients. Once patients form a positive relationship and start to trust their healthcare provider, they become much more engaged in their personal care as well as form a stronger sense of loyalty to the healthcare organization. Effects of Positive Patient Experience Working and understanding to improve patient experience is crucial. Improving patient experience can positively impact a healthcare organization in three main ways. Improves Patient Engagement A better patient experience that involves considering patients as unique persons can increase the chances that they as well as their families will feel more engaged in their personal health outcomes. Establishing a trusted partnership between the providers and their patients is a must since patients are more likely to raise questions and follow the suggested treatment plans once they feel confident in the people in charge of their care. Boosts a Health Organization’s Revenue Positive patient experience is currently being used by many insurance payers as another metric for assessment of the care quality that healthcare organizations are offering, and as a result, it changes the way the payers are structuring contractual agreements. New kinds of partnership between payers and care facilities, based on such factors, are now evident in the industry. Although reimbursement may play a role in enhancing the bottom line of an organization, the real value can be found in improving the experience of patients to boost consumer loyalty. The estimates place the patient’s lifetime value at $1.4M and once patients had a bad experience and have chosen somewhere else, the money and person that goes along with them will be influenced by the negative reviews over the internet. Improves the Reputation of Organization These days, patients can go online easily to compare ratings and scores of healthcare organizations. Word-of-mouth reviews of the services will be more essential because of the increasing competition between healthcare providers and the increasing use of the online communications. It can have either a negative or positive impact on the retention of

Healthcare is a very important aspect for making any society or country strong. As technology is progressing a lot of healthcare facilities are available for every citizen of almost every country but there is a part of every country which is unable to get these facilities and the people there are still living a life of late 90s. Approach towards health care is a very important aspect for achieving good health, but there are some strong barriers in path of rural resistants to achieve these facilities. Preferably, citizens living in any state should have the opportunity of having an access towards primary health care, dental care, eye care and emergency care in the most convenient way possible. The reason why health care is given importance in society is because of these reasons : To have a look over physical and mental health status of the patient. If any disease is detected then steps are taken for the prevention and proper medication of it. Particular medication is given after identification of the disease. This all improves the quality of life. Expectations for the security of life and cure from diseases are increased. Patients experiences at any health care center in rural areas are very poor as there are no experienced doctors or staff available there to satisfy their need. Some important steps to improve the quality of healthcare in rural areas are as follows: Financial Help Financial means should be given to health care institutions working in rural areas for improving the quality of work in rural areas or funds should be given to healthcare centers in urban areas so that they open their franchises in rural areas as well. Make Approach Possible Services should be provided to the workers in order to make approach possible in a convenient manner. Like facilities of transportation should be provided to reach such areas where approach is not possible so that the patients out there can have the option of reaching the areas where the facilities are available. Confidence Patients experience is won when provider is confident about the services they are providing. Listening and dealing with the problems of the patient confidently in a polite manner will always force them to approach your point whenever they are in need of any health advice. Equality The point of equality is also kept under consideration to make sure that care and all other services are provided on patient's

As the technology is modernizing and advancing, the approach of healthcare towards people is also changing. The health care providers are in search of ways which can deliver their views over health more faster, in the easiest way possible. Also, they are finding ways to create a personalized strong communication between their patients and the health care centres. By the improvement in the field of technology these all things have become easier to apply and the healthcare providers are successfully achieving their goals. But the question is that why should healthcare centers bring these modern technologies to their centers and what advantages will they gain? Some benefits for health care organizations are as follows: Patient's good experience is directly proportional to the financial establishment of that healthcare care center. The more patients are impressed by their performance, the more benefits they will gain. Patients having good healthcare experiences are found to gain more health which is a good signal for your center’s reputation. According to a research, patients admitted in healthcare centers due to heart attacks gained more health after a year who have a good experience of care at that center. Patients keep or change their health providers in accordance with the services and relationship of them with their relative provider. The more satisfied patient is , the more he will visit the center and will avoid change his/her health provider. If there are good patients experiences then their is a less chance of medicinal mismanagement risks. Organization Running To Improve Patient's Experience There are several organizations working to improve patient's experience including CAHPS surveys on patient's experience on various healthcare centers. As time is passing patient's interest towards health is developing more and they are getting more conscious about their health or the healthcare center's services which has developed more pressure on the health care centers to improve their performance in all possible ways. Some organizations which are looking over the performance of these healthcare centers are as follows: CMS The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  (CMS) is one of those organizations which has been working since 1998 under several versions of CAHPS. The surveys are carried out every year publically and the results are published on the Medicare Plan Finder Website. The surveys not only mention the performance of the healthcare centers but they also mention the progress of those centers in improvement. NCQA National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

The experience of patients regarding healthcare organizations varies with the count of communications between the patients and the concerned organization, which includes daily routine plans about their health care, concentration given to them from the doctors, nurses and other staffs available there including the facilities which that organization is providing. The key component for these health care systems is to take care about providing appointments to their patients on time, providing easy ways of communication to the patients and making it possible for patients to have an easy access to the health care providers. Understanding Patient’s Experience If you are concerned about health of a patient then the very first thing you should do is to have a brief view over their experience. This will help you in understanding the psyche of your patient like what are preferences of your patient which sort of concentration they are seeking and what are their value and requirements. Adding these all factors in your mind map about that patient will create a picture of their personality which will help a lot is giving them accurate health care suggestions. Making Performance Satisfactory For Patients  The second thing which health care organizations should understand is to differ between understanding the experience of their patients and meeting their expectations. Experience was all about understanding their mind state, satisfaction is a completely different thing. It's about knowing that whether the patient's expectations are fulfilled in your organization or not. Every person in this world has a different point of view about health, care and have different criteria for their satisfactions. The goal is to understand their needs and provide them the same care which their minds are in search of. Consumer Assessment Of Health Care Providers and System (CAHPS) CAHPS is a system which organizes surveys over patients health care experiences living in the United States. These surveys helps out the organizations in understanding their failures and working to improve them. The surveys are not to ask the patients that how satisfied they are with the healthcare system but they are to ask patients for creating a report over important aspects of their experience at that organization. The survey is made of some special questions which are used to read minds of the patients and to give a standardized result over healthcare centres, which helps the centres as well in improving their falls. Other Quality Checks If the patients shows a