Patients Experience On Health Care

As the technology is modernizing and advancing, the approach of healthcare towards people is also changing. The health care providers are in search of ways which can deliver their views over health more faster, in the easiest way possible. Also, they are finding ways to create a personalized strong communication between their patients and the health care centres. By the improvement in the field of technology these all things have become easier to apply and the healthcare providers are successfully achieving their goals.

But the question is that why should healthcare centers bring these modern technologies to their centers and what advantages will they gain? Some benefits for health care organizations are as follows:

  • Patient’s good experience is directly proportional to the financial establishment of that healthcare care center. The more patients are impressed by their performance, the more benefits they will gain.
  • Patients having good healthcare experiences are found to gain more health which is a good signal for your center’s reputation. According to a research, patients admitted in healthcare centers due to heart attacks gained more health after a year who have a good experience of care at that center.
  • Patients keep or change their health providers in accordance with the services and relationship of them with their relative provider. The more satisfied patient is , the more he will visit the center and will avoid change his/her health provider.
  • If there are good patients experiences then their is a less chance of medicinal mismanagement risks.

Organization Running To Improve Patient’s Experience

There are several organizations working to improve patient’s experience including CAHPS surveys on patient’s experience on various healthcare centers. As time is passing patient’s interest towards health is developing more and they are getting more conscious about their health or the healthcare center’s services which has developed more pressure on the health care centers to improve their performance in all possible ways. Some organizations which are looking over the performance of these healthcare centers are as follows:

  • CMS

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  (CMS) is one of those organizations which has been working since 1998 under several versions of CAHPS. The surveys are carried out every year publically and the results are published on the Medicare Plan Finder Website. The surveys not only mention the performance of the healthcare centers but they also mention the progress of those centers in improvement.

  • NCQA

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requires CAHPS health plan surveys for verifying the products of both commercial or Medicaid health plan levels.

  • CHIP

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) surveys also a version of CAHPS are required by various States for having a look over the performance of healthcare centers.

  • QHP

Qualified Health Plan (QHP) surveys a version of CAHPS are also working for such motives.

  • ABMS

American Board of Medical Specialist look after the Maintenance of Certification  (MOC) under observation of 24 medical practitioners which verifies the qualifications of physicians after every 5 year and professionalism of those patients that how efficient they are in dealing with their patients and satisfying their needs.

These all steps are taken to improve the working and performance of these medical healthcare centers.

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