Patients Experience On Health Care

Healthcare is a very important aspect for making any society or country strong. As technology is progressing a lot of healthcare facilities are available for every citizen of almost every country but there is a part of every country which is unable to get these facilities and the people there are still living a life of late 90s. Approach towards health care is a very important aspect for achieving good health, but there are some strong barriers in path of rural resistants to achieve these facilities.

Preferably, citizens living in any state should have the opportunity of having an access towards primary health care, dental care, eye care and emergency care in the most convenient way possible.

The reason why health care is given importance in society is because of these reasons :

  • To have a look over physical and mental health status of the patient.
  • If any disease is detected then steps are taken for the prevention and proper medication of it.
  • Particular medication is given after identification of the disease.
  • This all improves the quality of life.
  • Expectations for the security of life and cure from diseases are increased.

Patients experiences at any health care center in rural areas are very poor as there are no experienced doctors or staff available there to satisfy their need. Some important steps to improve the quality of healthcare in rural areas are as follows:

  • Financial Help

Financial means should be given to health care institutions working in rural areas for improving the quality of work in rural areas or funds should be given to healthcare centers in urban areas so that they open their franchises in rural areas as well.

  • Make Approach Possible

Services should be provided to the workers in order to make approach possible in a convenient manner. Like facilities of transportation should be provided to reach such areas where approach is not possible so that the patients out there can have the option of reaching the areas where the facilities are available.

  • Confidence

Patients experience is won when provider is confident about the services they are providing. Listening and dealing with the problems of the patient confidently in a polite manner will always force them to approach your point whenever they are in need of any health advice.

  • Equality

The point of equality is also kept under consideration to make sure that care and all other services are provided on patient’s health conditions and not on their personal features like gender, appearance, status and others. The difference of healthcare services provided between urban and rural areas is also a form of inequity.

  • Acces On Time

Access on time is another major issue of patients living in rural areas. Immediately access towards healthcare centers even in emergency situations is a very tough job.

These all reasons should be kept under light by the higher authorities in order to provide better health to those who are living in rural areas. As they have the equal right of living fully and happily like us.

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