They Worked a Miracle in My Small Apartment

Needing some Spring cleaning in Singapore, but not having a lot of time to do it myself, I decided to employ the services of a professional cleaning service. My apartment is quite dirty, largely due to the amount of hours I spend at work. I’m usually only here to sleep and eat breakfast and then I’m gone until late at night. You can imagine what the place looks like considering I probably haven’t done a serious cleaning in the apartment for at least six months. I had visions of it taking days to get this place into a presentable condition.

I found a service online that does some serious Spring cleaning. We’re talking hours of cleaning in even the smallest of apartments. They even had a helpful list of their different cleaning packages along with the size of the living space for each service. I found that very helpful. Imagine hiring someone for a penthouse cleaning when you live in a studio apartment. That would be a lot of money wasted for very little benefit. I matched up my size with the service offered and went ahead and placed the call.

Engaging this company’s service took very little time and energy. We agreed to a date for the work to be done and I made sure I cleared out before they came in to do the work. By the time I came back the next day, I didn’t recognize the apartment as mine. I thought I accidentally entered my neighbor’s apartment and had to double check the door number to make sure I was in my own living space. All the layers of grime, dirt, and dust were gone. I actually have nice furniture! Imagine that. Within a few minutes I knew I’d be hiring this company again in the future. They performed a cleaning miracle!

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