Playing Online with International Players

A new fighting game is coming out soon, and the company behind it decided to have a beta test. Rather than having the test open to every country, it was limited to only Japan. Anyone who tried to access the servers from a country that didn’t have a Japanese IP address would be blocked from entering. I desperately wanted to play this game, so to get around the region block, I looked for the best VPN that could give me a Japanese IP address while maintaining a fast connection speed. For fighting games, a fast connection is necessary to avoid losing.

A few people I knew mentioned using a particular VPN for Japanese IP addresses. They had used the VPN before so they could watch a concert that was only being streamed to Japanese residents. I signed up for an account and secured an address to use. I tested the connection by going to an IP address identifier and it showed that I was connected to a Japanese address. The beta test began early in the morning, and I logged in early to be one of the first to play the game. Since I was one of the early players, I had no idea if the other players were skilled or novices until I faced them, because no one had been ranked yet.

My first match resulted in a loss. The other player was way above my skill level, but I wanted to play him again to see if I could beat him. He beat me again, so I looked for a different opponent. I won the game against my next opponent, but he didn’t want to have a rematch. There was a pretty good mix of people who knew what the were doing, and those who played like they had never touched a fighting game.

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