Sleek Web Designs from Timbuktu to Boca Raton

One would not normally say ‘web design Boca Raton‘ in the same sentence, but web design is what businesses are looking for in South Florida and nationwide. As the internet changes and evolves, companies realize they must do the same. Clunky websites and designs frustrate users and create customers that abandon carts to never return. Maintaining a strong online presence is top priority for most business owners and web marketing is a simple and complicated beast that goes hand-in-hand with great web design. Even local community governments across the world are paying more attention to their online sites so residents can find what they need quickly and easily.

But with everyone creating their own website, one may wonder: what makes a great web design stand apart from the other websites these days? Is it unique high-resolution photos? Is is a funky font in a bright color? Is it a simple design with little complexity? Some of the most interesting trends range from original layout designs to remembering the importance of images for your site. We’ve looked at a few websites and noticed that images that pop and easy to read text/image layouts are taking the internet by storm. Sites that were once in the 2000s have been upgraded to a modern sleek feel that makes you wish you were drinking a coffee in a corner cafe after a visit.

Videos are also making their rounds as the must have for websites. Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, or marketing women’s clothing; using video in web design and marketing captures attention a lot quicker than plain text. Video can showcase the intricacies of a great product better than a flat image. It can also relay character details to give your followers a better perception of your personality. Keeping videos short and refreshing content will help keep content interesting to viewers.

These days, there’s no excuse for not being intentional in your businesses web design. With so many options to choose from, customer loyalty is low and won’t last through the impatience of a bad web design. Whether its in South Florida or across the globe, remember to keep web design attractive and simple. Your customers will thank you. Your business will thank you.

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