A Dish for the One I Love

My girlfriend Maia and I have been dating for five years. I love her so much. We have had some obstacles in our relationship, but we always managed to work it out. I knew the first time that I saw her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life to her. I finally decided to propose marriage to her. I wanted the occasion to be special. I decided to make Instant Pot chicken and rice, which is her favorite dish. I knew that she would love my surprise.

Maia and I met four years ago. We met a skating rink. I was ice skating with some friends for the first time. I was constantly falling all over the ice. I seemed like a lost cause. I looked up and say a hand reaching to help me off the ice floor. It was Maia. That was the first time I saw her beautiful face. I was completely smitten by her. I was shocked as how graceful she was on the ice. She moved like an fairy on ice skates. I could not believe my eyes. I got to know her and we became close friends. We finally decided to be a couple. I am so glad she came into my life.

My proposal plan was well planned. While she was away, I purchased a engagement ring that I knew she would like. I saved a lot of money to buy it. Next, I went home to prepare a feast of her favorite dish. I cooked some chicken breast in a crock pot and added rice and vegetables. I smelled so good. It was pipping hot when she came home. We sat and had a very romantic meal with each other. I finally showed her the ring and she agreed to be my wife. I was so happy.

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